VIKING PartX™ Particle Protection

Firefighting is tough. Protecting against carcinogens and particles is challenging. VIKING’s PartX™ tech offers a versatile, flexible solution.

Introducing VIKING's Multi-Faceted Particle Protection Strategy

By collaborating with researchers and experienced firefighters, we’re raising awareness of the dangers posed by hazardous particles and leading global efforts to protect health and well-being.

Committed to Excellence

We rigorously test every component to ensure we're using the best materials and methods available today. VIKING’s PartX™ technology is the result of years of development and refinement. Our global reach allows us to leverage the latest advancements in PPE materials and designs from around the world.

Key Features

Layered Filtration Cuffs

PartX™ cuffs are designed to block particle entry with a special filtering solution, ensuring comfort without tightness around the wrists.

Pant Cuffs with Special Closures

Particles can slip under hemlines unnoticed. Our new PartX™ closure prevents this while maintaining excellent mobility.

Extra Protection at the Waist

We’ve added a waist gaiter to further reinforce the protective barrier, enhancing comfort and wearability. This feature comes standard with PartX™ cuffs.