VIKING PartX™ Particle Protection

Protection against harmful particles is close to our heart. We’re focused on developing muti-faceted solutions to suit the way firefighters work.

Introducing VIKING's multi-faceted particle protection strategy

Firefighting is tough, and protecting firefighters from carcinogens and harmful particles is equally challenging. VIKING’s PartX™ technology is a versatile and effective solution to these complex needs.

Collaborating with researchers and experienced firefighters, we lead global efforts to combat hazardous particles, prioritizing health and safety.

Closing the Gaps

We rigorously test every component to ensure the best materials and approaches are used. VIKING’s PartX™ Technology is the result of years of development, leveraging advancements in personal protective equipment, multi-layer designs, and particle filtering capabilities from around the world.


Firmly closed cuffs

PartX™ cuffs block particle entry with a specialized filtering solution, ensuring comfort without tightness around the wrists.

PartX™ Pant Cuffs with Special Closure

Prevent unnoticed particles from slipping under hemlines while maintaining excellent mobility.

PartX™ Extra Protection at the Waist

PartX™ waist gaiters enhance the protective barrier, providing better wearability and comfort. This feature is standard with PartX™ cuffs.

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