VIKING PartX™ Washing Bag

Minimize exposure to harmful particles with the VIKING PartX™ Washing Bag. Dual-use for storage and washing, featuring an innovative auto-opening zipper.

Innovative 2-in-1 Carry Bag

The VIKING PartX™ washing bag is designed for both storage and washing, reducing the handling of soiled suits and minimizing exposure to harmful particles.

How it works

To minimize contact with harmful particles, place the suit in the VIKING PartX™ washing bag immediately after removal. The zipper will open automatically during washing. The bag also features a Velcro closure for optional labeling or personalization.

Perfect for Storage

We designed the PartX™ Washing Bag so you can also use it as a storage bag.

Enough Room for Everything

With enough space for suit, gloves, and hood.

Specially Designed Zipper

The zipper opens in the washing machine, releasing the protective suit. This reduces handling and can prevent exposure during the washing process.

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