Meet VIKING VALKYRIE: Gear designed for female firefighters,

Turnout Gear Engineered for Women

Female firefighters have more than earned their place on the team. So why don’t they have the equipment to match? We believe protective gear shouldn’t limit firefighters because of poor fit or a lack of attention to different shapes and forms. That’s why we’ve designed the new VIKING VALKYRIE to break free from the limitations of traditional gear, ensuring female firefighters are equipped to fully realize their potential.

Firefighting knows no gender but the right equipment does

Not just re-sizing, but completely redesigning gear to meet the unique requirements of the female contour. It’s more than just gear, it's the assurance that, in the face of danger, all our firefighters are equipped to face any challenge with confidence.


  • Light, modern fit

  • Redesigned chest and shoulder area for freedom of movement

  • Fewer restrictions and more flexibility

  • Space for the female contour without adding bulk

  • Hip enhancements for better ergonomics

  • Fit for purpose