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Introducing a multi-faceted particle protection strategy to suit the way you work

Firefighting is difficult work – and so is the task of protecting firefighters from carcinogens and other harmful particles. At VIKING, we’re focused on continuous development of our PartX™ technology, a multi-faceted, flexible approach to meeting complex and varying needs.

By working with researchers and experienced firefighters, and calling for more attention to the dangers of hazardous particles, VIKING has continually spearheaded the world’s efforts to address this potential danger to health and well-being.

Committed to winning

We test every component until there’s no doubt that we’ve done everything possible with the best of today’s approaches and materials.

VIKING PartX suit

VIKING’s PartX™ technology is the result of years of development and refinement, taking advantage of technological progress in personal protective equipment materials, multi-layer designs and particle filtering capabilities from around the world.

closing the gaps

PartX Firmly closed cuffs

Firmly closed cuffs

We’ve designed PartX™ cuffs to defend against particle entry with a special filtering solution, without uncomfortable tightening around the wrists.

PartX Pant cuffs with special closures

Pant cuffs with special closures

Unnoticed, particles have a tendency to slip in under hemlines. The new PartX™ closure helps prevent particles from entering while maintaining excellent mobility.

PartX Extra protection at waist

Extra protection at waist

To further reinforce the protective barrier, we’ve designed a waist gaiter insuring better wearability and comfort. This feature comes as a standard when selecting PartX™ cuffs.

Viking PartX™ Washing bag

The new VIKING PartX™ washing bag for storage and washing keeps exposure to potentially harmful particles to a minimum by reducing handling of soiled suit.​​​​​​                           

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Carcinogens and firefighting

Firefighters regularly risk exposure to carcinogenic particles. That’s why, working together with some of the greatest firefighters in the field, VIKING has developed a new level of protection from hazardous particles – the VIKING Guardian fire suit! VIKING Guardian features a unique outer shell along with customizable hi-tech material combinations to keep carcinogens and other undesirable substances at bay.


Dedicated to firefighter protection

The super-durable outer shell can easily be detached by the firefighter on scene, leaving the inner liner as a post-fire suit that continues to protect the wearer from common chemicals. Both outer shell material options are extremely strong and maintain their structure after many washes. A dissolvable washing bag effectively cuts off hazardous particle contact with firefighters and their environment.

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How it works

VIKING Guardian Suit


VIKING Safety Academy free-fall lifeboat training



  • VIKING Guardian features an outer shell that can easily be detached by the firefighter after attending a fire, leaving the inner liner as a fully wearable suit to be worn during debriefing and the return to base.

  • Before getting into the fire engine, the outer shell is simply placed in a dissolvable washing bag. Detained in the bag, any carcinogens and dangerous particles on the garment surface are effectively cut off from contact with firefighters and their physical environment during transport, washing, storage and other routine tasks.

  • Even with the outer shell removed, the suit continues to protect the wearer from the most common dangerous chemicals according to 1971 NFPA Standard.

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See the difference

To test the barrier performance, wear trials were conducted with hoods containing the DuPont™ Nomex® Nano Flex barrier in between the knit layers on one half of the hood. After the wear trials, the hoods were turned inside out and inspected for contamination. Compare the amount of particles penetrating the hood with or without the paper-thin DuPont™ Nomex® Nano Flex protective layer.

VIKING PartX Hoods

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