Looking for a fire suit that checks all the boxes? Only VIKING's fit-to-purpose fire suits combine best-in-class quality with all the features firefighters love. When the heat is on, you'll benefit from unrivalled attention to detail and an in-depth knowledge of fabrics that enables our designers to strike the right balance of safety and ease of movement you need to face the toughest of challenges. Choose from a wide range of accessories, layer combinations and suits for just the right level of protection. Comfort is top of mind, too. conserving your energy so you can stay focused on saving lives. That's why every model is designed to minimise bulk. From the cut to its pre-bent knees and elastic adjustments, you have everything it takes to just get the job done right.

VIKING fire suits are chosen by professional firefighters across the globe because of their superior balance between Protection, Durability and Mobility.

Having supplied top of the line fire suits and personal protective equipment since 1982, we know that firefighting is a tough business - and that your protective clothing shouldn’t make it any tougher!

Our designers know and respect the challenges of your job as a firefighter. So they know, too, just how important the choice of protective equipment is to each and every firefighter. They understand what it's like, for example, to wear heavy, hot, unwieldy gear for hours at a time in all kinds of situations. And each of them has spent many, many hours imagining what might make being a firefighter safer, more comfortable and more effective. Because it's only when you truly understand how tough the job can be that you can build the kind of stuff firefighters won't just wear because they have to, but because they love the way it fits, feels and works. Delivering on that promise demands you have to know the ins and outs of high-tech protective fabrics and advanced construction techniques. That you test, refine and test again until you know you've achieved excellence.


VIKING leads the innovation race, too. For example, we were one of the first manufacturers to raise our hand about the damage hazardous particles are doing to firefighters - and the first to design innovative solutions to combat the effects.

At VIKING, we're focused on continous development of our PartXTM technology, a  multi-faceted, flexible approach to meeting complex and varying needs. By working with researchers and experienced firefighters, and calling for more attention to the dangers of hazardous particles, VIKING has continually spearheaded the world's efforts to address this potential danger to health and well-being - not just for the sake of firefighters themselves, but also for their colleagues, families and friends.

The fight for particle protection isn't over until not one single particle can make it through. So we're never satisfied with any one solution to the problem, constantly investing in further progress and bringing new innovations to the field in terms of particle protection, wearability, durability and workability. We test every component until there's no doubt that we've done everything possible with the best of today's approaches and materials.

That's how we do things at VIKING. It's a unique mindset - and it drives us to create many of the world's best firefighting clothing and accessory products. Wouldn't you rather be wearing a VIKING?

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Beyond the styles found in our webshop, VIKING can custom design according to specifications, approved standards or requirements for any desired level of protection.
All VIKING fire suits meet international quality standards and requirements, such as EN469-2020 and NFPA 1971.


Our approach to Sustainability goes far beyond the lowest-hanging fruits, such as replacing light bulbs and installing solar panels on our factory roofs. Sustainability is an integral component of BP25 - our buisness plan for the coming years - and we intend to further reduce our climate footprint. We take a structual approach throughout the value chain, and environmental targets now accompany our financial and commercial targets.

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