VIKING Firefighter Trousers Superior

Prod. No.: PS1050 - Model 567

The VIKING firefighting trouser Superior , is a high performance trouser approved acc. to EN469. The trouser offers you protection and durability. With the VIKING design, you are sure to have the best possible mobility and superior fit.

  • EN469 Reflective trimming
  • Trousers without moisture barrier for good breathability
  • Standard sizes available 46/48-66/68 incl short and long sizes
  • Can be used with VIKING firefighter jackets Superior I and II.

Size: 42-44

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The Firefighter trousers Superior, is made with outer shell Hainsworth® TITAN - a top of the line breathable fabric designed to offer good flashover protection and minimize the effects of heat stress - whilst being robust enough to withstand the rigors of modern day firefighting. The thermal barrier of the trouser is made of inherently fire resistant Aramid, while the inner liner is a powerful combination of Nomex® and Viscose. The absence of a moisture barrier means that the VIKING Superior is very light and highly breathable.

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