Carcinogens and firefighting

Firefighters are often exposed to a wide range of known and suspected carcinogens through their work and in recent years, the existence of a potentially increased incidence of cancer among firefighters has sparked extensive focus on this issue.

In 2014, a study reported on cancer diagnoses among more than 16,000 firefighters from the five Nordic countries found an increased cancer risk among firefighters compared with the general population.

While factors such as shift work may explain part of the increase in diagnoses, it remains a fact that for firefighters, there is a high risk of exposure to e.g. polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and asbestos stirred up and spread during a fire. Nonetheless, the increased cancer risk, which is described by both studies as moderate, is a major concern attracting the attention of firefighters from all across the world.


Dedicated to firefighter protection

Since protecting people is at the core of our corporate essence, finding a way to reduce carcinogens exposure for the thousands of fire fighters who wear our products was a natural step for VIKING.

Working together with some of the greatest firefighters in the field, VIKING has developed and tested a tactical solution offering a completely new level of protection – the VIKING Guardian fire suit!

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How it works

VIKING Guardian Suit


VIKING Safety Academy free-fall lifeboat training



  • VIKING Guardian features an outer shell that can easily be detached by the firefighter after attending a fire, leaving the inner liner as a fully wearable suit to be worn during debriefing and the return to base.

  • Before getting into the fire engine, the outer shell is simply placed in a dissolvable washing bag. Detained in the bag, any carcinogens and dangerous particles on the garment surface are effectively cut off from contact with firefighters and their physical environment during transport, washing, storage and other routine tasks.

  • Even with the outer shell removed, the suit continues to protect the wearer from the most common dangerous chemicals according to 1971 NFPA Standard.



Fire up the comfort and durability

When designing the VIKING Guardian, firefighter comfort received special attention. Attention to detail is evident throughout the design, making it easier, for example, to handle communications equipment.

The standard suit includes pre-bent knees and elbows, a removable hood, and superior, adjustable flexibility to handle many different work situations.

Reinforced with Para-Aramid at the arms, knees, in the pockets, and at the hem of the pants and the jacket.

Innovative multi-piece design allows you to easily inspect the suit and exchange defective or worn materials, rather than discard the entire suit if one layer is damaged. Potentially, this aids to extend the total lifetime value of the suit.



No corners are cut with the VIKING Guardian

Only superior quality materials are used to make the VIKING Guardian suit.

For the outer shell, firefighters can choose between XTM made of the high performing, lightweight Dupont™ Nomex® material well known for durability and inherent protection - or VIKING Icon™ made of PBI®, constructed using the highly resistant and thermally stable PBI® fiber from PBI® Performance Products. PBI® is also well known for outstanding protection against heat and flames. Both materials are extremely strong and maintain their resilient structure after many washes.

On the inside is a CROSSTECH® SR 2 Layer Laminate moisture barrier, which does not lose its high breathability even after exposure to extreme heat, and which, with the outer shell removed, continues to protect the wearer from several types of dangerous fluids and chemicals.

Guardian – Features and Advantages

Jacket PS1020

  • Detachable outer shell
  • Inspection zipper
  • 2 Radio pockets with access to Inner pocket, box pockets with easy access and a mask pocket on the chest
  • Cuff and elbow areas reinforeced with Para-Aramid
  • Flexible wristlets made of DuPont™ Nomex®
  • Elastic Intake at waist
  • D-ring on both left and right
  • Prepared for detachable hood

Trousers PS1070

  • Detachable outer shell

  • Easy access box pockets on each thigh

  • Reinforced on knee and at hem with Para Aramid

  • Elastic adjustment at back

  • Inspection zipper

  • High back for extra protection

  • Optional VIKING belt

VIKING Guardian Hosen