Featuring Dupont™ Nomex® Nano Flex technology

VIKING’s triple-layered hoods help protect your
​​​​​​​neck, ears and jaw area from dangerous particles

The hood contains a paper-thin layer of Dupont™ Nomex ® Nano Flex nestled
between layers of knit which acts as a protective particle barrier without compromising comfort. The unique construction of the Lyocell in the knit material not only creates a soft finish but also adds extra durability against wear and tear.

Thinner and lighter than other flame-resistant materials, it’s a highly breathable, material with superior particle barrier performance.

Combining comfort and protection

The addition of DuPontNomex® Nano Flex to a firefighter hood composite structure provides improved particle barrier protection in the neckline and upper jaw area that historically are known to be the most vulnerable and least protected.

VIKING nano flex efficiency bar diagram


To test the barrier performance, wear trials were conducted with hoods containing the DuPont™ Nomex® Nano Flex barrier in between the knit layers on one half of the hood. After the wear trials, the hoods were turned inside out and inspected for contamination.

Compare the amount of particles penetrating the hood with or without the paper-thin Nomex® Nano Flex protective layer.

VIKING Nano flex fire fighter  outside hood photo

outside of THE hood

VIKING Nano flex fire fighter  inside out  photo

Hood inside out – this side with DuPont™ Nomex® Nano Flex

VIKING Traditional firefighter hood

Hood inside out with traditional layers

VIKING nano flex technology Nomex fiber fire fighter

DuPontNomex® Nano Flex is a specialty nonwoven made of submicron continuous fibers which provides a superior protective barrier.

Heat and flame protection is inherent to the Nomex® fiber - it can’t be washed or worn away