VIKING PARTX™ Washing bag​​​​​​​

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VIKING is constantly looking for ways to help reduce firefighter exposure to carcinogens and potentially harmful particles, therefore our PartX™ particle protection program includes special layer combinations and unique closures at common problem areas.

Practical 2-in-1 carry bag for storage and washing

The new VIKING PartX™ washing bag for storage and washing keeps exposure to potentially harmful particles to a minimum by reducing handling of soiled suit. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​



VIKING PartX Washingbag

How it Works

After carefully removing the suit, simply place it in the wash bag and the zipper will open automatically during the washing process. This way you minimize contact with harmful particles. The bag has a Velcro closure for optional content labeling or personalization.

See a demonstration​​​​​​​

                                       Washing bag Demo video

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PartX Seitentaschen

Perfect for storage

We designed the PartX™ Washing bag so you can also use it as a storage bag.

PartX Washing bag

Enough room for everything

With enough space for suit, gloves and hood.

PartX special zipper

Specially designed zipper

The zipper opens in the washing machine thus releasing the protective suit. This reduces handling and can prevent exposure during the washing process.

Keep Track of Your Equipment With VIKING

VIKING Track and Trace

Better routines for better protection!

Several fire departments in Scandinavia have already started using VIKING's Track & Trace app and scanning system, which tracks the use, location and condition of their VIKING suits at department or individual level.

Via our smartphone app or customer portal, simply scan the bar code or the NFC chip on the suit and register information about exposure to dangerous particles, washings, maintenance and repair.

You get with an overview of the suit per individual and the overall status of suits for the entire department. This overview can help improve washing routines, for example by using information on the minimum amount of impregnation.​​​​​​​

  • Full overview of the station portfolio and the condition of your suits
  • More efficient service and maintenance
  • Tracking of equipment exposed to potentially dangerous particles
  • Easier budgeting

                                                                                                                                    Track and Trace demo video

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