VIKING Technical Rescue Trousers

Prod. No.: PS7750

Outstanding multi-purpose protection Highly breathable, flame resistant and waterproof in anti-static, lightweight material

  • ­Outer shell made of GORE® PYRAD® 2L with an inner liner of Aramid mesh
  • 3M® comfort trim
  • Built-in zipper transforms the suit to coveralls when needed
  • Built-in elastic panels for greater flexibility
  • Reinforcements of Para Aramid on the knees, elbows and at the sleeve hem of the jacket and at the hem of the pants

Colour: Dark Navy Blue/Yellow

Size: 46-48

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VIKING TECH Technical Rescue Trousers

The super-lightweight VIKING TECH Technical Rescue Trousers are made with ­GORE® PYRAD® Fabric Technology with an Aramid mesh, providing two layers of protection in one.. The unique material doesn’t accumulate radiant heat, rejects static electricity and protects against cold, wind and rain, while delivering superb breathability.

This trousers are extremely versatile – from the form-fitted features, to the extra protection and flexibility right where it is needed. This helps you keep cool so you can work harder, for longer - and in greater comfort.

Discover the VIKING Advantage
With the VIKING TECH, a wealth of smart, practical and performance enhancing design features are included as standard, however, many more options and accessories are available. Also, while the stock color are Dark Navy Blue/Yellow or Lime/Hi-Vis Yellow, the jacket can be delivered in other colors upon request.

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