VIKING Firefighter Trousers Icon™ with PBI

Prod. No.: PS1058

Including knee pads, suspenders and ID-patches on both legs. Belt is included if ordered separately. Radiopocket is not included but has to be ordered separately. The lightweight, waist-cut VIKING ICON with PBI® Firefighter Trousers offer excellent firefighter protection, durability and mobility through superior fit, performance enhancing features and cutting-edge materials.

  • Advanced GORE-TEX® AIRLOCK® moisture barrier with air-cushion insulation technology

Colour: Gold

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VIKING Firefighter Trousers ICON with PBI

The outer shell is made of VIKING ICON™ with highly resistant, durable and thermally stable PBI® fiber. PBI® is well known for outstanding protection against heat and flames. Below the VIKING ICON with PBI® outer shell is an advanced GORE-TEX® AIRLOCK® moisture and thermal barrier that eliminates the need for extra-thick insulation. The innovative construction uses thermally stable and chemically resistant foam silicone spacers to create an insulating air cushion.

Discover the VIKING Advantage
With the VIKING ICON with PBI® jacket, a wealth of smart, practical and performance enhancing design features are included as standard, however, many more options and accessories are available.


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