VIKING Firefighter Trousers Economy Basic

Prod. No.: PS8450

You would wish that every basic model was like this one. The VIKING Economy Basic Firefighter Trousers offer high quality, good protection and great flexibility at a very competitive price.

  • Waist-cut trousers with several performance, comfort and mobility enhancing features

Colour: Dark Navy Blue

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VIKING Economy Basic Firefighter Trousers­

The outer shell of the trousers is made of inherently fire resistant Aramid fiber offering good protection against heat stress. The moisture barrier is a hi-tech TOPAZ PU membrane able to withstand high temperatures. The VIKING Economy Basic also has an Aramid-fleece thermal barrier while the inner liner is an efficient and comfortable combination of Nomex® and Viscose.­


  • Outer fabric:Aramid 100%
  • Moisture barrier:­TOPAZ PU­
  • Liner:Aramid­+ Nomex® / Viscose­
  • Stitching:100% Meta-Aramid

Discover the VIKING Advantage
With the VIKING Economy Basic trousers, a wealth of smart, practical and performance enhancing design features are included as standard, however, many more options and accessories are available. Also, while the stock color is Dark Navy Blue, the jacket can be delivered in other colors upon request.

Contact VIKING or your local dealer for enquiry details.­

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