VIKING Firefighter Trousers Guardian

Prod. No.: PS1070.501

VIKING Guardian is a revolutionary fire suit concept dedicated to protecting firefighters from exposure to the dangerous carcinogens and particles.

  • Comfortable and breathable trousers with several performance enhancing design features

Colour: Gold

Size: 46

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VIKING Guardian

The outer shell of the VIKING Guardian Firefighter Trousers can easily be detached after attending a fire, leaving the liner as perfectly wearable garment for the road home.

Before getting into the fire engine, the outer shell is simply placed in a dissolvable washing bag. Detained in the bag, any contamination on the garment surface is effectively cut off from contact with firefighters and their physical environment during transport, washing, storage and other routine tasks.

Only superior materials are used to make the VIKING Guardian. The outer shell is made from VIKING Icon™ with highly resistant, durable and thermally stable PBI® fiber. PBI® is well known for outstanding protection against heat and flames. On the inside is a CROSSTECH® SR 2 layer laminate moisture barrier, which does not lose its high breathability even after exposure to extreme heat, and which, with the outer shell removed, continues to protect the wearer from several types of dangerous fluids and chemicals. Finally, the liner of the VIKING Guardian is an efficient and comfortable Nomex® quilt.

All VIKING firefighter clothing is tested and approved according to EN469 requirements.

Discover the VIKING Advantage
With the VIKING Guardian fire suit, a wealth of smart, practical and performance enhancing design features are included as standard, however, many more options and accessories are available. Also, while the stock color is Golden Brown, the jacket can be delivered in other colors upon request.

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