VIKING Technical Rescue Suit

VIKING technical suit model photo fire fighter

Outstanding multi-purpose protection

Extreme breathability, flame resistance and waterproofing in anti-static, lightweight material.

Up to 90% of operations performed by firefighters do not demand high-risk fire and flashover protection. Instead, they need to move freely, act quickly and keep on working for hours and that's where Viking clothing fits the task.

The super-lightweight VIKING Technical Rescue Suit is made from the new GORE® PYRAD® Fabric Technology with an Aramid mesh, providing two layers of protection in one.

The unique material doesn’t accumulate radiant heat, rejects static electricity and protects against cold wind and rain, while delivering best in class breathability.

This suit is designed to be extremely versatile – from the form-fitted features, to the extra protection and flexibility right where it is needed. This helps you keep cool so you can work harder, for longer - and in greater comfort.




VIKING Technical rescue suit inside pocket fire fighter

Built-in zipper

A built-in zipper converts the suit to coveralls when needed and it can be worn with or without braces. Ideal for height rescues - the pants are specially designed for use with safety belts.

VIKING technical suit elastic panels  photo

built-in elastic panels

Built-in elastic panels for greater flexibility, reverse bootcut design in both legs and sleeves with protection and freedom of movement, a hassle-free front zipper. VIKING designers have thought of everything.

VIKING technical suit knee pads fire fighter

pre-bent knees

Pre-bent knees and elbows for added comfort and flexibility. Reinforcements of DuPont™. Kevlar® on the knees, the elbows and at the sleeve hem of the jacket and at the hem of the pants.