VIKING Firefighter Jacket Guardian RSG

Prod. No.: PS1020 - Model 005

VIKING Guardian is a revolutionary fire suit concept dedicated to minimizing and protecting firefighters from exposure to the dangerous carcinogens and particles. The outer shell of the VIKING Guardian can easily be detached after attending a fire, leaving the liner as perfectly wearable garment back to the station.

  • Comfortable and breathable jacket with several performance enhancing design features
  • Standard sizes available 46/48 - 66/68 incl. short and long sizes

Colour: Gold

Size: 66-68

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VIKING Guardian Firefighter Jacket, RSG

CE approved according to EN469

Discover the VIKING Advantage
With the VIKING Guardian fire suit, a wealth of smart, practical and performance enhancing design features are included as standard, however, many more options and accessories are available.


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