Military inspired flexibility

A whole new level of suit personalization

VIKING MACS (Multi Attachment Configuration System) allows you to personalize and optimize your suit more than ever before! Empowered by a military-inspired system of webbed loops, the firefighter is enabled to attach performance enhancing features and accessories right where he wants them – where they are easily accessible and do not interfere with other equipment.

How it works

The VIKING MACS system of webbed loops is similar to the modular, adjustable system often incorporated into combat gear and backpacks. The system allows the firefighter to quickly and flexibly attach and reposition pouches, pockets or other accessories to match individual preferences, tactical requirements and the equipment carried.

Simply pull the straps through the loops and attach them with a snap. The loop design ensures that any feature will be tightly and securely fastened. Choose from a wide variety of modular accessories to get a suits that fits your exact needs.

Battle the blaze - not your gear

Modular accessory configuration is not the only flexibility-enhancing feature of the VIKING MACS fire suit. Ergonomic pre-bent elbows and knees, detachable internal kneepads, and removable under-boot straps are all aimed at ensuring maximum freedom of movement and comfort – so that you can focus completely on getting the job done!

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VIKING Macs Model photo

When only the best is good enough

VIKING Macs EN469 fire fighter Jacket

VIKING uses only the best of materials for the MACS suit - right down to the stitching!

For the outer shell you can choose between two options:

  • A Hainsworth® TITAN outer shell made of the high performing, lightweight DuPont™ Nomex® material well known for durability, inherent protection and the ability to maintain its resilient structure after many washes.

  • A VIKING Icon™ outer shell constructed using the highly resistant and thermally stable PBI® fiber from PBI® Performance Products, well-known for outstanding protection against heat and flames.

On the inside is a GORE-TEX® AIRLOCK 3L layer – offering a unique combination of thermal liner and moisture barrier that eliminates the need for an extra liner. This makes the MACS suit even more lightweight and helps reduce the risk of heat-stress.

To extend the lifetime of your MACS suit VIKING has reinforced key areas such as the knees, elbows, cuffs and waist adjustments with DuPont™ Kevlar®.

"We make it possible for firefighters to quickly and easily personalize the individual
accessories so they don't interfere with other equipment!"

MACS Features & Benefits

VIKING macs chest pocket EN469


The new ultra-flexible radio pocket that can be adjusted in height and width to fit any model

VIKING macs under arm photo EN469


comfortable stretch material under the arms cuts down bulk and allows you to move freely

VIKING Macs reflective trim EN469

maximum visibility

new triple trim and reflective piping design for maximum visibility