VIKING Firefighter Jacket Profi

Prod. No.: PS1000 - Model 052

The VIKING firefighting jacket Profi, is a middle long, high performance jacket approved acc. to EN469. The jacket offers you protection and durability. With the VIKING design, you are sure to have the best possible mobility and superior fit.

  • HuPF look a like Reflective trimming
  • Middle long jacket with good movability
  • Standard sizes available 46/48-66/68 incl short and long sizes
  • Can be used with overalls (model 521) or waist trousers (model 561)

Product properties:

PS62xxN: Nomex® NXT ▫ CROSSTECH® Fireblocker ▫ Aramid + Nomex® Viscose
PS66xx: Nomex® NXT ▫ CROSSTECH® Fireblocker ▫ Aramid + Nomex® Comfort
PS68xxB: Nomex® XTM ▫ CROSSTECH® Airlock® 2L ▫ Nomex® Viscose
PS84xxB: Aramid ▫ High-tech PU Topaz ▫ Aramid + Nomex® Viscose
PS84xx: Aramid ▫ High-tech PU Topaz ▫ Nomex®Viscose

Size: 50-52

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The VIKING PS1000 Jacket is made with a superior fit, ensuring the wearer to have the best possible movability. The Jacket­is available in different layercombinations, see eg.product properties for some of the available layers. Each layer having different unique performances based on the usage. This allowing multiple choises for different applikation environments and risk scenarios.

The VIKING PS1000 series is all about safety, durability and unrivalled flexibility. Harnessing inherent attention to detail and in-depth knowledge of fabrics and layer combinations, our designers combine materials and features to create the right level of protection.

Comfort and freedom of movement are top priorities too. VIKING PS1000 suits are designed to minimize bulk and to conserve your energy - so you can stay focused on fighting fires and saving lives.

All VIKING PS1000 firefighter clothing is tested and approved according to EN469 requirements.

Discover the VIKING Advantage
With the VIKING Advance Profi jacket, a wealth of smart, practical and performance enhancing design features are included as standard, however, many more options and accessories are available. Also, while the stock color is red, the jacket can be delivered in other colors upon request.

Contact VIKING or your local dealer for enquiry details.­

For more detailed­information please see datasheet or visit our­­­download center­­­­­ to find the­ desired brochure.

In our guides­ section we have provided detailed ­measurement forms­ with­ step-by-step instructions to ensure­ a ­perfect­ fit.